Monday, July 24, 2017

Fall is Heating Up With Activity!

We have quite a few activities on tap for the fall. We will be part of several events in the CSRA area.

August begins with a literary partnerships with ILMC a elementary school near National Hills. For more on the program: ILMC


   Arts in the Heart

   We will take part in the annual festival again this year. Features will pay tribute to women who serve this country: For more: September 15th

Berry Fleming Book Festival September 23rd

    Augusta University will host the second book festival. Check out the the schedule:

Aiken County Historical Museum September 24th
    S.C. Humanities sponsors a poetry workshop with Poetess Kimberly Simms

 Links that may be of interest to S.C. Poets  S.C. Poetry Society

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Claudia Rankine Reads From Citizen

     View From The Middle of the Road

   While I understand and appreciate the contributions of spoken word to world culture and I use to think my stead fast commitment to the poets of the podium misplaced. It is when a similar soul finds me and reminds me the I am exactly were I need to be. Thanks Claudia Rankine and Split This Rock for the reminder.  Split this Rock 2014

Lucinda J. Clark
Global Citizen