Saturday, March 17, 2018

Zana Seymour aka Nakia Jade Interview Smooth Jazz

Zana Seymour aka Nakia Jade was interviewed by Greater Augusta Arts Council Director 
Brenda Durant on her weekly radio program, Augusta Arts Council Weekly.  
Seymour shares her background and how she came to become a poet. She discussed the collaborations with Hire Grounds Cafe and ILMC literacy project. She even shared a poem she wrote! We at Poetry Matters Project are so proud of Zana and the contribution she has made to the CSRA community and Poetry Matters Project. As we bring Women's History Month to a close I offer another young woman to watch.  Nakia Jade. We thank Brenda Durant and Greater Arts Council for showcasing another woman of color! To listen to the interview Click Here

Zana Seymour (center) with students and members of the ILMC program.
Clock wise: Principal Jackson(l), Romona Nora, Chashawna Wesby, Vanessa Harris( r). Students Chance, Jimmy,Kenyon, and Jazzell. The students performed at monthly open mic at Hire Grounds Cafe this month.

Posted by Lucinda Clark
Founder Poetry Matters Project

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