Sunday, April 8, 2018

Bells and Whistles 2018,McCormick S.C.

It was a dark, stormy rainy day when I pulled up to the McCormick Park stage yesterday. We quickly assessed and determined that we needed to go to plan be. The major thought that I had was that it is Poetry Month and the diverse poets that were scheduled to gather should have a cozy, dry place to share  their beautiful words.
We were able to set-up in an area inside the MACK. What happened next is the best in what Poetry Month is about.  Pastor James Kinsler appeared and a local merchant, Barbara, began gathering the people for the blessing of the festival! The people came and we learned how the festival got its name. After a blessing which included request for rain to cease, it did not, we began as best as we could.  We had young and seasoned: Americans, (from McCormick, Augusta and Pennsylvania) and Bengali, S. Africa and Zimbabwe citizens sharing their voices and listening.
 Emcee Vanessa Harris flowed effortlessly between poetry stage to entertainment stage at S.C. Wilds.  There were singers and music. Michael Jacob came all the way from Tennessee. 
It was the best opening of poetry month I have participated in recent memory. 

Pastor Kinsler blessing the festival

Soma Mukhopadhyay AU professor reading in two languages 
Aaron Benzuidenhout GRSP student from Zimbabwe

Rudrasankar Asst. Professor at Emory  shares in Bengalese

Sa Jules, Selma Simms and Zana Seymour take a minute before reading
L-r Soma Mukhophyay, Zana Seymour, Sa Jules, Selma Simms, Vanessa Harris, Aaron Bezuidenhout,  Rudra Sankar, Xavier Clark l-r front Liz Gilmore, Belinda Jamison and Lucinda Clark

Submitted by Lucinda Clark
Founder Poetry Matters Project
April 8, 2018

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