Thursday, November 29, 2018

We Are Not Done Yet

Had a chance to catch some back interviews from the Daily Show with Trevor Noah the other night.
I saw an interview with one of my favorite actors, Jeffrey Wright, (Angels in America and West World fame). He told a moving story of how he had become involved with working with Veterans on producing a short film.

  Some of the things he share about not knowing if he was the right person had a familiar right, we we started working with the Veterans at Charlie Norwood VA here in Augusta I felt the same well. It looks like his fears where unfounded. The documentary has released and it is of the caliber that I would expect from Mr. Wright. Wanted to share it and his sit down with Trevor Noah here. As we enter the holidays, (see below, if I missed one out I'm sure someone will let me know).

Hanukkah 2018 
will begin in the evening of
December 2  and ends in the evening of 
December 10

Christmas Day 2018:Tuesday
December 25

Kwanzaa 2018 
will begin on
December 26 
and ends on 
January 1, 2019

After you say thank you for your service. Ask how's the family and then......... listen and learn. That is how you show you really care. The Poetry Matters Project will be celebrating our third year of reading and listening to the words of these heroes in April.
For documentary with Jeffrey Wright click here
For interview with Trevor Noah  Daily Show
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Founder Poetry MattersProject

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