Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Artist and Art Careers Panel and Discussion

Artist and Art Careers Panel and Discussion: Presentations and panel discussion by Four practicing artists working outside academia in the Atlanta Theater and Film Industry, organized and sponsored by Prof. Cheryl Goldsleger, the Morris Eminent Scholar in Art .

Monday, September 23, 2019

 Tribute to Harvey 

I sit here quietly holding his hand
Just waiting and praying
How vividly I can recall those words--
Till death us do part.”
A vow, a promise before God.

I looked into that happy face
Those sparkling blue eyes
and squeezed his hand
and said those words—promising.

Oh, so far in the future
But, the future is here now-- today? 
Tomorrow? Next week? 

I always said “We would go together.”
I was afraid he would not know the way 
and I would have to direct him.
You know how reluctant men are to stop
to ask for directions. 
Now, I must commit him to a Guardian Angel
who will lead the way. 

He was a gift to me from God--
an answer to my prayer.
How can I now not see that he is
safely returned tenfold,
better, brighter, happier, holier
and more precious than when I received him. 
For he, too, made me a better person 
for having known and loved him. 
There is no more waiting—It is the end game.
He was only on loan to me and now I must give him back. 
The days have been beautiful—sunny, bright, and shining.
A gentle breeze stirs the flag
Leaves are starting to fall
As one leaf quietly slips from the tree of life. 

He awakened one night and clearly declared
I'm ready to go home.”
The next morning he asked,
Am I going to make it?”

Yes, Harvey, you will make it!
An angel will guide you 
for you are going home.

This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

In the words of Simeon
Now, Lord, you may dismiss your servant.”
I commit his spirit into Your hands, O Lord, 

Joan Lacombe

Rest in Peace Harvey LJClark

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 95

Lawrence Ferlinghetti turn 100! City Lights Books has lots of events planned around the country. Don't know who Ferlinghetti is? You must be new to poetry. No matter. Check out his place City Lights Books.

L.J. Clark-Founder
Poetry Matters Project
Poetry Matters Project

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Upcoming Festivals for 2019

Looking for Poetry Events to Present In?

 These are great book firs that showcase poetry too. Check out the links below!

Arts in the Heart

Dodge Book Festival

Decatur Book Festival

Harlem Book Fair

Miami Book Fair

 List submitted by L.Clark